Good start to 2012

by admin on January 3, 2012

The New Year Open ended yesterday on a very positive note for me. After winning zero prizes and having zero good tournaments in 2011, I broke both streaks. I’m not sure exactly which prize I’ll win, but I’m in line for either a tie for third place or top under-2100 or both.

I don’t have time to show any game analysis, because I am leaving today on a trip to Boston. However, here is what I know about the results.

In round five I won a nice game against Eric Steger, a class-A player I’ve beaten before. So going into the final round, the standings were:

  1. Milos Pavlovic — 5
  2. Emory Tate — 4
  3. Mike Splane — 3.5
  4. Nicholas Karas — 3.5
  5. Dana Mackenzie — 3.5

In addition, I was leading for the under-2100 prize, as all of the other four players are rated over 2100.

In the final round, Pavlovic played Splane, Tate played me, and Karas was paired against George Mandrusov, who had 3 points. Against Tate I played an interesting pawn sac and got a lot of pressure. (Against a good attacking player, it always helps if you can sacrifice first!) He offered a draw on move 24, and although I felt my position was better, I accepted because I was not sure that I had a way to break through, and also because a draw was fine with me. I would win a bunch of rating points and secure some kind of prize.

Pavlovic outplayed Splane in what Mike said was a very well-played game. He was proud of it even though he lost. I want to congratulate Pavlovic on an outstanding tournament. Although he was rated 200 points or more above anyone else in the field, it is still very hard to go 6-0. I am impressed.

The Karas-Mandrusov game was still going on when I left. My handicapping on unfinished games has been pretty bad, but it looked to me like a probable draw, in which Karas seemed to have no hope of winning. If he draws or loses, then I will at least tie for third.

By the way, I want to make one correction from my last post: Mike Splane did not forfeit round 4; he took a half-point bye. There must have been some mix-up in communication with the TD, because he was paired for round 4 and his opponent was awarded a full point.

Hopefully while I am Boston I will have some time to do a little game analysis. I do have the score of the last-round matchup on board one between Mike and Milos Pavlovic.

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Mike Splane January 4, 2012 at 8:17 am

Hi Dana,

Congratulations on an excellent result. I was rooting for you.

Here are my notes to the game you mentioned.


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