It’s Kitten Picture Time!

by admin on November 18, 2012

Put away those chess pieces! I need you for a more urgent matter!

As some of you might know, Kay and I take care of kittens for the local animal shelter to get them used to a home environment until they are old enough to be adopted. This year I’d like to put a photo of one of our foster kittens on the front of my holiday greeting card. Which one should it be?

I’ve picked out my ten favorite photos from this year, and I’d like you to tell me which one you like best! (Also I’d be glad to take suggestions for what the message inside the card should be.)

1) Percy with Max (our permanent cat)

I Wuv You, Max

2) Freddie the Angel Kitty

3) Freddie the Devil Kitty

4) Gypsy

5) Bodie

6) Isabel

7) Lacey

8) Smidgen (rear view) and Daphne (front view)

9) Amber (top) and Elliott (bottom)

I sit on ur face.

10) Macy and Dorian? (I can’t really tell who is who.)

Yin and yang.

If that isn’t an overdose of cute, I don’t know what is! We’ll get back to chess next time.

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