New “Baby” Announcement

by on July 4, 2009

Remember that awful feeling when your parents came home and told you that you were going to get a new sister, and you were just going to love her soooo much?

Okay, maybe you don’t remember the feeling. To be honest, I don’t either, because I was only 359 days old when my sister was born. I was still getting used to this whole place called Earth.

Anyway, my point is that I have just launched a new blog. And I’m not going to tell you that you are going to love it soooo much, because probably it is not on a topic that all of you will care about. The blog is called “Who Hung the Moon?” and it’s about all things having to do with our moon. I expect that it will mostly be about lunar science, but I will also throw in some posts now and then about the moon’s role in our culture.

I’m way overdue to start this blog, because I am, after all, the author of a book about the moon. But now seemed to be an especially propitious time to launch the blog, because there are two new NASA missions to the moon that just launched in recent weeks, and they will be sending back lots of new data and information. Also, there’s the 40-year anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing coming up. And looking farther down the road, my appearance on the History Channel should happen later this summer or this fall, and I would like my blog to appear high up on Google searches in case people come looking for more information after the show.

Anyway, I invite all of you to come and take a look at the new blog, at least once, just for fun. By the way, the design of the blog is really spiffy, and all of the credit for that goes to Kay, who spent about a week working on it, off and on. (The secret is that she loves this stuff, and it’s not every day that you you get a chance to design a whole new blog.)

Does this mean that I will be posting less often here? Maybe. Just a little bit. But still, they say that you never forget your first love … or your first blog. And besides, I’m still planning to keep plenty active chess-wise. So stay tuned!

By the way, keeping on the theme of love and chess, I noticed that the Boylston Chess Club blog had an entry about David Vigorito’s wedding, which included this picture of his wedding cake:

This, of course, reminded me of my own wedding cake, twenty years ago, which had a similar theme:

The king and queen were made out of white chocolate. Kay and I saved them in the freezer for a year and ate them on our first anniversary!

I think that the symbolism of the king and queen being on the same “team” is perhaps a little bit better than having them opposite colors. But if you look closely at David’s wedding cake, you’ll see that the king is dressed in a black tuxedo and the queen is dressed in a white wedding dress. So in reality, there’s no conflict between them. Right?

Okay, I promise no more entries about weddings, babies, love, moons, or other mushy non-chess stuff … for at least a week.

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