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I am available to speak about any of my article or book topics. In the past I have given lectures and interviews about such diverse topics as the Moon, voting theory, mathematics, and the challenges of being a science journalist.

Having conducted many interviews myself, I am comfortable on either side of the microphone or telephone, and I understand how to answer questions in a way that will be interesting for a broad audience. Please contact me if you would be interested in interviewing me for your broadcast or print publication.

Upcoming Events


August/Sept. 2009 ... I will make my second appearance on "The Universe," in an episode tentatively called "The Day the Moon Was Gone." The interview was recorded on June 12. I will add more information (such as the air date) when I get it!

Past Events Related to Lunar Science, the Giant Impact Theory, The Big Splat


6/26/07 ... Appeared on the History Channel series, "The Universe." The June 26 episode, entitled (appropriately enough) "The Moon," featured several clips from an interview with me. In fact, roughly the last half of the hour-long episode followed the outline of my book The Big Splat, or How Our Moon Came to Be. If you like the episode, please order the book! Or if you prefer, you can order the DVD boxed set for the series.*


7/1/07 ... Interviewed on Mel Walsh's radio show, Second Wind, on KVMR-FM in Grass Valley, California. This is a show devoted to the interests and lifestyles of older people (the over-50 crowd). I will talk about backyard astronomy, Moon-watching, and The Big Splat.

7/19/05 ...  Spoke on Explorations in Science, hosted by Michio Kaku, which airs on eight radio stations nationwide. My interview starts about 10 minutes into the show, and lasts about 40 minutes. You can listen online in the archives of KPFA Berkeley.

11/14/04 ... Spoke on The Naked Scientists, a BBC radio show (and now podcast). My interview starts about 45 minutes into the show, and lasts about 5 minutes. You can listen on their website at www.thenakedscientists.com.

6/23/03 ... Spoke on The Todd Mundt Show, which formerly aired on 39 NPR stations nationwide. Unfortunately, Todd discontinued the show later that year, and I can't find any archive of it online.

Book Readings and Lectures

2/20/08 ... "Moon and a Mocha II," Capitola Book Cafe, Capitola, CA. A return engagement! I talked about the lore and the science of eclipses. Though it was cloudy, the clouds were thin enough that we were able to see just about the whole thing. Spooky and wonderful! At left is the announcement that ran in the San Jose Mercury News.

11/26/07 ... "Moon and a Mocha," Capitola Book Cafe, Capitola, CA. A fun evening of viewing the moon through a telescope, talking about my book, and showing clips from a DVD of my appearance on the History Channel (see above).

4/4/05 ... Engineering Colloquium, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD.

11/10/03 ... Los Angeles Astronomical Society, Los Angeles, CA.

8/26/03 ... Mt. Diablo Astronomical Society, Concord, CA.

5/21/03 ... Capitola Book Cafe, Capitola, CA. This is my "home book store" the one closest to where I live so giving a book reading there was a special thrill.

5/5/03 ... Black Oak Books, Berkeley, CA.

Past Events Related to Other Topics


11/9/00 ... WTOP-AM, Washington DC. Topic: Voting. (This was two days after the disputed election of 2000. With eerie clairvoyance, I had written an article on voting theory for the October 2000 issue of Discover called "May the Best Man Lose.")


5/24/07 ... Visiting lecturer for Science Communication Program, University of California at Santa Cruz. Topic: Free-lancing.

5/16/06 ... Visiting lecturer for Science Communication Program, UCSC. Topic: Book writing.

3/2/00 ... Visiting lecturer for Science Communication Program, UCSC. Topic: Editing and being edited.


The only articles ever written about me focused on my chess. They were:

"Chess player gears up for prestigious tournament," by Rosy Weiser. Santa Cruz Sentinel, 5/8/2005.

"Affable Chess Champion Says Game 'A Work of Art,'" by Lenore Southgate Jones, Durham (NC) Herald, 9/??/1985

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