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by admin on November 19, 2011

As you guys know, I try to avoid off-topic posts. I never have ads or promotions on this site. However, after careful thought I’d like to mention a way that you can help a charity that I like without any cost to you. All you need is a Facebook account.

Here’s the deal. Chase Community Giving, the philanthropic arm of Chase Bank, is running a contest on Facebook where people can vote for their ten favorite charities. The winning charity will receive a contribution of $250,000 from Chase. The second through fifth charities will earn $100,000, and the charities in sixth through hundredth place will each win $25,000.

Save the Frogs! is a nonprofit organization started about three years ago by Dr. Kerry Kriger, an expert on amphibians. As he writes on his website,

Amphibians are without a doubt the most endangered group of animals on the planet: nearly 1/3 of the world’s 6,485 species are on the brink of extinction.

Although many organizations exist to protect endangered animals, Kriger noticed that none of them were specifically trying to help amphibians. His fellow academics, who knew all about the demographic catastrophe that is wiping out amphibian populations, nevertheless were not able to translate their knowledge into action. So he started Save the Frogs! to do what no one else was doing.

I wrote an article about Kriger in 2010 and I admire his determination to make a difference for amphibians instead of just talking about their problems. As a journalist, I’m reluctant to serve as an advocate for the people I write about, because I’m supposed to be impartial. But I’ll stick my neck out here and say that I think he is doing good work and is worthy of your support.

So, please visit his website and read about the reasons why amphibians are so threatened, as well as the things that Save the Frogs! is doing to raise awareness of the threats. Then, if you feel so moved, please go to Chase Community Giving and vote for Save the Frogs!

P.S. The contest ends November 22, so you have three more days to cast your vote(s).

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Kerry November 19, 2011 at 9:58 pm

Thanks for spreading the word Dana!


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