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by admin on January 21, 2013

You didn’t think I was serious when I said in my last post that I could build traffic to my chess blog with more kitten videos?

Well, I wasn’t serious either. But just in case, here are some recently uploaded selections from my YouTube channel, FeaturingMaxasMax.

Grooming Lessons. Max teaches the kitties (Devon, Daphne, and Smidgen) proper grooming. If this doesn’t make you go “awww,” I don’t know what will.

Pushy Kitties. One of those videos you can’t plan, it just happens. This is the first time I have used music from YouTube, and I found a clip that fit the action almost as if it had been choreographed. See if you don’t agree! The kitties are Bob and Cordelia.

Merry Chris-Max. Max unwraps his first Christmas present! At this moment, only 4 people have watched this video, even though it’s been on YouTube for three weeks. I mean, how can that be? Max is absolutely ridiculously cute, and he gets only four hits? C’mon, everybody! Where’s your Christmas spirit?

Kitty Fails. Kittens are so good at failing! The main thing is that they don’t get discouraged. They always pick themselves back up and they usually try again.

So that’s your minimum daily requirement of cute for today. Next time, we’ll get back to chess.

P.S. A word of explanation for anyone who doesn’t know this already: My wife and I are foster caregivers for kittens for the Santa Cruz Animal Shelter. That’s where all the kittens in the videos come from. We return them to the shelter when they get big enough to adopt — all except Max, who came to us just before Christmas 2011 and stayed.

Right now it’s the kitten off-season, but when we start getting kittens again in April or May, you’ll be able to find their pictures on my Facebook page.

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