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by admin on June 6, 2013

It’s out! Today I received my copy of the June 2013 Chess Life in the mail, and of course the first thing I had to do was open it to the back page. Normally I start at the front, but this month, you see, they printed my article on “My Best Move.”

If you have any trouble finding it, look for this picture:

Pearl Grey and yours truly

I asked the editor to identify me as the “1,314-th Ranked U.S. Player,” spoofing the fact that most of the contributors to this column have much more impressive credentials. For example, two upcoming contributors are Alexander Shabalov (#18 in the country) and Yury Shulman (#17).

Now if you’re wondering how the #1314 player in the country gets to have a game featured on the last page of Chess Life, I explained the story in my blog post Right place, right time. Basically, I sent the article in, they liked it, and then a spot opened up unexpectedly and the editor thanked me for saving his bacon.

Despite the silliness of the cat photo and the tongue-in-cheek introduction, I’m actually quite proud of “My Best Move,” a move that was deeply unorthodox as well as totally winning, and I hope you’ll like it too. As the pull quote under the photo says: “In any single game, something sublime and magnificent may happen.”

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