Medical update

by admin on December 5, 2010

Yesterday I received an e-mail from Michael (“fpawn”) Aigner with an update about his condition. (See this post for the back story.)

According to Michael, his doctors considered his operation a success. Maybe I’m reading between the lines a bit, but it sounds as if he is not quite as convinced as they are. Since the operation he has been making slow and painstaking (with the emphasis on “pain”) progress in physical therapy. He is not sure yet when he will be released to go back home, and even then he expects to have several more months of outpatient therapy. Bottom line: He doesn’t expect to appear at any tournaments until March or April.

It sounds like an exhausting ordeal, but I hope he will come through it and be his normal self (or even better!) at the end. At least it’s good to see that he is back online, at least in limited amounts.

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