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Welcome to Dana Mackenzie's Chess Page!

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Dana's Greatest Hits

A compendium of my most memorable games, including the good, the bad, and the bizarre.

Dana's Chess Lessons

A list of my video lessons at www.chesslecture.com. To watch most of the videos you will have to go the the ChessLecture website and purchase a membership. However, ChessLecture has made one of my lectures, called "In-Between Moves (Zwischenzugs)" available for free. You can watch it by clicking on this link.

dana blogs chess

Why are you still reading this static web page when you can go to the most active and fun part of my website?! I add new entries two or three times a week, and of course you can post comments and chat with other readers.

Dana's Secret Chess Files ... Revealed

On my blog I've started posting some of my opening ideas that are a little bit too eccentric or dubious for ChessLecture, but may be of interest to some readers. Andy Hortillosa suggested that I make them available in a more permanent fashion (so that you won't have to look through all the pages of my blog).

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