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As a science writer, I sometimes get the opportunity to write about stuff that's not only cool, but cool-looking. Often my job as a writer includes finding appropriate illustrations, or explaining to an artist how to illustrate my article. Here are some especially cool pictures that have appeared in my articles or books. (NASA images are public domain; other images used with artist's permission.)

As you roll your mouse over each image you will see a caption pop up that explains what you are seeing. (If you don't, you may need to change your browser's security settings to "Allow Blocked Content.")


(This image is a little blurry because I re-sized it and then failed to save the original.)

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Here are a few of my own photos related to science stories I've worked on. Not too many, because I'm usually too busy taking notes and talking to people to take a lot of pictures.


Speedbikers and their amazing almost-flying machines!