You know you’ve made it when…

by admin on November 23, 2011

Your game is featured on as the Game of the Day!

Thanks to Matt Hayes for spotting this! (He’s the one who drew the circle in the screen capture, not me.)

I’ve been wondering when, if ever, would get around to putting Mackenzie-Pruess in their database. However, it never occurred to me that they would go one step further and actually feature it!

It is also #3 on their list of “Hot Games,” which I assume is to be expected for the Game of the Day. #1 on the list is Bernstein-NN 1931, the source game for the quiz of the day, and #2 is Nakamura-Ivanchuk, a game from the Tal Memorial that really was played on November 23. (Ivanchuk abused Nakamura in a Gruenfeld Gambit.)

The moral is that if you’re Ivanchuk, you play a Game of the Day every day. The rest of us have to wait a few years…

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