And on the Twelfth Month Dana Rested

by admin on December 10, 2011

I know you’re all wondering why I haven’t posted here for a few days. Right? You’re all wondering that, aren’t you?

Well, the short answer is that I had a big deadline to meet this week which has basically devoured all my free time. But now I’ve met the deadline! Yay!

However, this doesn’t mean I’ll be posting soon, because on the morrow I shall depart for Norway. (Some of you might remember that I went there a couple years ago.) Although I could in theory post to my blog from there, I think it’s not too likely to happen.

So until I get back, December 17, it will probably continue to be pretty quiet here at dana blogs chess. Use the free time to check out some other great chess blogs … but please come back!

P.S. My next tournament will probably be the New Year Open at Santa Clara, December 31 to January 2.

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