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by admin on November 2, 2017

I’m sure that this will come as a surprise to no one: The Minnesota Blizzard won the fan vote for the Atlantic and Pacific Divisions of the PRO Chess League. The San Francisco Mechanics came in second and we will be the first alternate to take somebody’s place if one of the teams collapses. This seems unlikely but not out of the realm of possibility.

For anyone who would like to know the complete roster for the PRO Chess League, here it is:


  • Marseille Migraines
  • Stockholm Snowballs
  • Amsterdam Mosquitos
  • Cannes Blockbusters
  • London Lions
  • London Towers
  • Reykjavik Puffins
  • Delhi Dynamite
  • Gorky Stormbringers
  • Norway Gnomes
  • Riga Magicians
  • Ljubljana Direwolves
  • Montreal ChessBrahs
  • Buenos Aires Krakens
  • Montclair Sopranos
  • Miami Champions
  • Pittsburgh Pawngrabbers
  • St. Louis Arch Bishops
  • Webster Windmills
  • Dallas Destiny
  • San Diego Surfers
  • Rio Grande Ospreys
  • San Jose Hackers
  • Las Vegas Desert Rats

Qualified via Tournament

  • Armenia Eagles
  • Estonia Horses
  • Mumbai Movers
  • Chengdu Pandas
  • Seattle Sluggers
  • Australia Kangaroos

Qualified via Fan Vote

  • Oslo Trolls
  • Minnesota Blizzard

First Alternates

  • Apeldoorn Apes
  • San Francisco Mechanics

Which teams do you think will make the final this year? Who will win? And most importantly, which team has the best name and which one has the lamest?


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