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by admin on June 4, 2011

If  any of you are interested in seeing chess on television, you might want to tune into the documentary “Bobby Fischer Versus The World,” which will be airing on HBO on Monday, at 9:00 Eastern time and Pacific time. I have not seen it — only the trailer — but it seems as if it might be worth watching, with historical footage of Fischer, many never-before-seen still photographs of Fischer at the time of his 1972 match with Spassky, and modern-day interviews of people like Larry Evans and Garry Kasparov. I think it’s great that the filmmaker managed to get an interview with Larry Evans before he died. The film was directed by Liz Garbus, who previously won an Emmy for her HBO documentary about Abu Ghraib.

Here is a link to the trailer on You Tube.

Unfortunately, I don’t subscribe to HBO, so I hope that the video will someday be available for rent or purchase. I also hope that someday we will have an American world champion who isn’t interesting for all the wrong reasons!

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RuralRob June 5, 2011 at 3:36 pm

The trouble is, if an American world chess champion is not crazy, he won’t get any mainstream press.


armen June 6, 2011 at 2:23 pm

Mostly recycled footage, and general Fischer trivia. Maybe an eyeopener for wider public but definetly not for fischeromans. Wish Oliver Stone made the movie, he wouldn’t waste a chance to put Kissinger on the spot “Why the US couldn’t cough up 200 grands for Bobby to play the match”


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