Chico Mate

by admin on November 7, 2011

A few weeks ago I got a wonderful surprise in my e-mail. A reader named Edson José Cortiano, who lives in Brazil, sent me several chess cartoons that he has drawn, and he has given me permission to post them in my blog.

I have to apologize that my blog is not ideally set up for a standard cartoon (four panels across). The blog template I’m using has a very narrow column format, and there is unfortunately no way to change it without ditching the whole template. So I’ve had to chop up the panels up so they will fit into the space available. This is not an ideal solution because as you can see, he has a very free-flowing style and the pictures sometimes overlap the panel boundaries (see panels two and three).

Anyway, here you go: The first episode of “Chico Mate”!

Gaack! Checkers!

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