It’s not paranoia if they’re really out to get you!

by admin on September 3, 2008

I normally avoid politics in my blog, but this is just too funny. I hope you won’t mind the off-topic post. If you do mind, blame it on Elizabeth Vicary. She started it.

So I was watching the Republican convention tonight because, like many other Americans, I was curious about the vice presidential candidate who has appeared out of nowhere (well, actually, out of Alaska), Sarah Palin. She gave her first speech in front of a nationwide audience tonight. All in all, I think she did very well, if you didn’t actually listen to what she was saying. She looked good on camera (my wife says she has great hair) and she had the right blend of good humor and biting sarcasm to make a good impression in front of a friendly audience.

One of the things that got the biggest reaction in her speech was a standard Republican boilerplate line that criticized the media. I don’t remember what it was exactly, but the crowd jeered loud and long and gleefully. It struck me as somewhat odd that the Republicans would invite the media to their party, expect them to broadcast the proceedings, and then treat them like the enemy. Is that how you would treat someone that you invited to your party?

But then, an hour or so later, something happened that made the scales fell from my eyes.  😎

In the formal roll call, Arizona (John McCain’s home state) was given the honor of casting the votes that made McCain the official nominee. As the votes were cast, here is what CNN showed on screen:

In case you can’t read the bottom of the screen, it says, “McCain officially wins Democratic nomination.”

Ooops! With this Freudian slip, the left-wing media conspiracy is finally revealed. This proves once and for all that the only candidates they care about are Democratic candidates. And to think that all this time I thought the Republicans were just paranoid …

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