Chessplayer in utero?

by admin on February 7, 2008

Juan Diego Perea, who as many of you might remember is one of my fellow competitors in the Santa Cruz Cup, sent me an e-mail this morning with an ultrasound picture below of his new baby girl. Her expected birth date is in July. Congratulations to Juande on this first look at the next generation!

It looks to me as if she is contemplating her next move!

Some of you might be wondering what ever happened to the Santa Cruz Cup, which I haven’t written about since December. We had scheduling problems in December and January. Certain players were big fans of American football, and therefore not available to play on certain Sunday afternoons. But now that the football season is over, chess season can start up again! Round five will take place this Sunday. The standings at the moment are:

  1. Dana Mackenzie 4-0
  2. Ilan Benjamin 4-0
  3. Juande Perea 2.5-1.5
  4. Jeff Mallett 1.5-2.5
  5. Dan Burkhard 1-3
  6. Yves Tan 1-3
  7. Ken Seehart 1-3
  8. Jim Parker 1-3

(Tied players listed in pretournament rating order, not in tiebreak order.)

This Sunday’s round should be quite interesting. As luck would have it, the top four players will be facing each other (Benjamin-Perea and Mallett-Mackenzie) and the bottom four players will also be facing each other (Burkhard-Parker and Tan-Seehart). So we should have some hard-fought games, and some of those ties may get broken. We’ll see!

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